Ratvaark sits in a kitchen cabinet with a selcetion of glasses and plates and so on.

Ratvaark here. I’ve heard a lot on the radio today about the human government having a reshuffle, so here I am sorting out a cabinet myself….

In reality of course, we mousevaarks don’t set a lot of store by roles and hierarchies. We each do the things we’re good at and all chip in when there’s a big job to do.

For example, Fury is very good at technical things like setting up at Vaarklife festival.

Fury sorts out a bundle of audio cables, wearing her ACDC teeshirt

Winston, of course, is our leading entrepreneur.

Winston stands proudly beside his Christmas Tat Emporium

And Ernest is frightfully good at reaching things.

Ernest stretches out his long snozzle to hang a bauble on the Christmas tree.

Me? Well, I don’t like to boast, but I try to get out and represent the clan to visiting dignitaries.

Ratvaark, in his waistcoat and cape, sits in the hand of Salford's ceremonial mayor, who is wearing a gold chain.

Do you have a vaark? What are their talents?


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