Fury’s Day Out

Fury looks at a bowl of popcorn

Fury here! I had a day out yesterday – the humans had a meeting in Chester with Big Heritage, so I went along for the ride.

I hadn’t been there five minutes when I heard a familiar droning noise. Yup! Bagpipes. We’re hearing it a lot at the moment, ‘cos Dim’s practicing for Burns’ Night.

Fury sits on a bench looking at a busker on bagpipes
One piper piping.

I found a neat place to sit. I reckon every ‘vaark home should have a statue of a baby elephant like this. Would be even more fun if the trunk was a swing!

For a minute, I though our Gino had taken a leaf out of Winston’s catering book, but apparently, it’s not the same Gino. Tempting though, it did look like nice ice cream…

Fury reads an A board that advertises Gino's Gelato
Ey up, is that our Gino?

But much as I like ice cream, I wanted something a bit more substantial for lunch. Ah, a good old Full English, lovely. Very tasty bacon too!

Fury surveys a big plate of bacon, sausage and eggs
Mmmm, tasty!

Passing WHSmiths, I spotted this poster. Oi! Who’s written a book about me? How do they know I like pyrotechnics now and then? And why is there a tangerine on the cover!? I might have to get a copy and find out.

Fury looks at the poster advertising Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House
But I’ve never been to the White House!

While the humans had their meeting I had a kip in the camera bag. But I made sure I came out when the nibbles were dished out. Be rude not to! All in all, a very good day out!

Fury looks at a bowl of popcorn


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