A novel form of transport!

The Dog sits looking at the camera, as the vaarks cling on

We have A Dog staying in the house this week. This has curtailed our borrowing expeditions somewhat.

The vaarks peer over their shelf, at the dog lying on the floor below.
The Dog

However, Fury said it was silly to be scared of The Dog and we should make use of it. A couple of years ago, our friends Snailvaark and Co used a dog for transport, and she said we should jolly well do the same!

Fury talks to the other vaarks.
Fury gives us a pep talk.

So, Fury had a word with Peggy, who got her sewing kit out, and Fury got on with the mechanical parts of the project.

It all seemed to work very well, it was quite comfortable in the pockets…

The dog wears the canvas with vaarks in the pockets, and Fury on top with the wheel.
Just hangin’ around

But then The Dog sat down, and we were in danger of slipping off! So I told Fury to put her foot down, or whatever she needed to do.

The Dog sits looking at the camera, as the vaarks cling on
Don’t sit down!

I think whatever Fury did, she did it a bit too much! Woah! Waaaahhh! Too fast, too fast! Stop, stop!

Thank goodness, The Dog stopped moving. I think we’ll give Dog Riding a miss in future, it’s far too exciting! We were quite discombobulated.

The dog stands still, and the vaarks look a little disturbed.
Phew! Safe at last!

We all had to have a calming biscuit afterwards and The Dog got a treat for being so helpful.

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