Preparing a neep.

Dim and Matilda peel a swede

We vaarks always like an opportunity for a party, so naturally we celebrate Burns Night and have a traditional feast of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. So today, Dim and Matilda decided to get ahead and prepare the Neep for cooking tomorrow. After all, it’s a big job for vaarks!

Dim and Matilda look at a whole swede or neep

First job: peel the neep. Matilda held it steady, while Dim went round with the peeler.

Dim and Matilda peel a swede
Round and round the neep we go.

Of course, the peelings go into the compost. No waste here!

Matilda pushes the peelings into the compost caddy.
In they go!

Neeps (or swedes as you might know them) are quite hard work to cut up. They had to find the biggest knife in the drawer and work together very carefully.

Matilda asked Dim to go and find a big Tupperware to put the diced swede in. While he was doing that, she seemed to be faffing about with the last large piece…

Dim puts diced swede in a plastic tub, while Matilda is cutting into a big piece.
What IS she doing?

Oh! Good lord. Matilda, that’s… that’s Dim, isn’t it?  How sweet. Or how swede…

Matilda has carved a likeness of Dim out of the piece of swede.
The likeness is uncanny!


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