It’s all going downhill!

Vincent leans into a curve

You join us for the first of our Winter Olympic events, the Downhill Skiing. First down the course is Esther, slicing her way through the gates. Well done!

Esther stands at the top of a downhill skiing course marked with flags
Ready to go!

Next up is Arnold. Gosh look at the wind in his ears! He’s very glad to get to the bottom.

Vincent now, he’s got some fine swerves going on there. And when he looks back up the slope, he’s amazed how far he’s come.

Vincent looks back up the course.
It’s a long way!

Finally, Microvaark. He’s doing well, until, oh dear, his ski tips seem to have dug into the snow! He’s tripped!

Microvaark falls forward into the snow

He’s rolling down the slope! And gathering a bit of snow… Poor Microvaark, he’s turned into a snowball! Never mind, he’ll thaw out soon, we’ll get him a Hot Chocolate.

Microvaark lies embedded in a giant snowball, just his snozzle, ski poles and skis sticking out.
Can someone fetch some hot water please?

And the results are in. Gold for Esther, Silver for Vincent and Bronze for Arnold. Well done!

Esther, Vincent and Arnold stand on the podium with their medals
Well done!

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