Bob, bob, bobbing….

Vincent and Dim lean into the corner as the bob rises up the wall

Our first event from the bob track today, the 2-vaark Bobsleigh. Our first pairing are Vincent, and his pusher Dim. Look at them fly!

Vincent sits in a bobsleigh made from a plastic bottle, while Dim stands behind, pushing.
One, two, three, push!

Next up, Peggy and Gino! They do very well, despite Peggy’s helmet slipping a bit. She said it was actually better when she couldn’t see!

Peggy and Gino sit in the bob as it gets going

Finally, it’s Ernest and Arnold. Hang on, after the first bend, it’s Arnold and Ernest…. Er… Look, will you two stop messing about!

Ernest and Arnold are in the bobsleigh

 Well, after all that, Peggy and Gino take Gold, Ernest and Arnold (or Arnold and Ernest) take silver and it’s bronze for Vincent and Dim. Well done!

Peggy, Gino, Arnold, Ernest Dim and Vincent are on the podium with their medals

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