Flipping ‘eck, it’s pancakes!

Some batter has started cooking in the pan

It’s Pancake Day! So we got the big recipe book out, and looked up the recipe.

First we measured out the flour and a pinch of salt and then Ernest broke the eggs into it.

Then we whisked it all up, and added the milk bit by bit, and we soon had a jug of batter ready

Then it was time to get the pan nice and hot, and get the first pancake cooking. The first one is always a funny shape, you know.

When it came time to flip the pancake, we called Microvaark in with his telehandler. Over it went! And it was ready in no time.

Hey! Microvaark! Come back here with that! Darn it, Ernest, I think we’re on our own now.

Microvaark makes off with the pancake on the telehandler

So with Microvaark scoffing a whole pancake on the other side of the kitchen, we had to flip with a spatula. And very nicely it turned out! Perfect with lemon and sugar.

Ah. The washing up. Well, you see, we vaarks can’t get wet, so we simply have to leave it for a human…..

The vaarks look at a sink full of washing up.

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