Matilda races round a bend

You join us back at the bobsleigh track today, for the single bob event (Which we might have invented). Ratvaark goes first, getting a good push off!

Next up is Matilda, and she’s really whistling round those bends!

Ofelia now. Look at her cape and ears flapping in the slip-stream!

Winston next. Wow, he’s really fast. Almost, TOO fast…. He’s not going to make the corner!

He’s crashed! Oh my goodness! Quick, call the medics!

He’s been carried off to get checked over. Thank goodness, he just got a bump to the head.

So, it’s Gold to Ratvaark, Silver to Ofelia and Bronze to Matilda. And a paracetamol for Winston, Well done!

Ratvaark, Ofelia and Matilda stand on the podium with their medals

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