Get your skates on…

We’re back on the ice today, for the figure skating. Our first pair are Peggy and Gino. How graceful they are!

And the judges’ scores for Peggy and Gino – very good!

The Judges award 5.7 5.8 and 5.7

Ernest and Ofelia now – Ernest is going for a lift… oh dear! They’ve slipped and fallen over. That’s going to affect their score.

Yes, as we thought, not such good scores for Ernest and Ofelia. Bad luck!

The judges award 5.6 , 5.6 and 5.0

Now, we’ve been looking forward to this. Dim and Matilda have been working very hard on their routine…

Magnificent! What a lift, Matilda! And such a smooth routine. Surely winners….

Yes! It’s a full… Hang on. Winston have you got a card upside down? Yes, I thought so. Still, maximum scores all round. Fantastic.

So, Gold for Dim and Matilda, Silver for Peggy and Gino and Bronze for Ernest and Ofelia. Well done!

Dim, Matilda, Peggy, Gino, Ernest and Ofelia stand on the podium with their medals

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