Bob’s your skeleton…

Ernest lies on the skeleton with his snozzle coiled under him

Our last trip to the bob track now, for the Skeleton Bob. It’s like the luge, but you go head first. We hadn’t got a skeleton bob, so Winston said we should use the tea tray again, only turned round the other way.

Arnold went first, keeping his snozzle tucked under him out of the way, for aerodynamics.

Arnold rides the skeleton down head first with his snozzle tucked under him
Neat snozzle tuck!

Fury was next, her crest fluttering in the wind. Mind your snozzle on the ice!

Finally Ernest went. He tucked his snozzle under too, but the wind caught it, and he ended up flying along with it wibbling over his head!

So, Gold for Arnold, Silver for Fury and Bronze for Ernest. Well done!

Arnold, Fury and Ernest stand on the podium with their medals

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