A steamy day out!

Fury looks at a lorry with "M Thomas and Daughters" painted on it

Fury here, to tell you about my day out.

I went on a tram ride, to the Museum of Science and Industry! Nearly there, I saw this street name. Ugh, that’s like humans calling a street Guts Street!

Anyway, the reason I went, was to see some steam traction engines. I love the smell of them. And it was very relaxing sitting on the wheel in the sun. It was rocking gently as the engine idled.

Now, THIS would be a useful thing to have. Think of the nuts we could crack!

Fury look at the front of a steam roller

There now, see, girls can drive steam lorries too!

Fury looks at a lorry with "M Thomas and Daughters" painted on it

“I like big nuts and I cannot lie…”

Fury looks at a large nut and bolt

*sigh* If I had this workshop, the things I could do. I wonder if I could persuade the humans to have this little engine though?

A helter skelter! Oh, it would be fun to have one of these. I wonder if they’re hard to build.

Fury looks at an old fashioned Helter Skelter

Well, after all that excitement, time for a little snack… It was a jolly good day out, all in all!

Fury nibbles a large slice of iced ginger cake

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