Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Winston is looking closely at the leek

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus everybody! Yesterday was St David’s Day, so we celebrated in our garden. We had daffodils, and a leek!

The vaarks gather in their garden, with a pair of tall daffodils and a leek

It’s a very fine leek, very nicely proportioned. Winston was eyeing it up to make soup out of, but I told him to wait. I had plans.

Winston is looking closely at the leek

Esther, Microvaark and Hypnovaark love the daffodils. Although Microvaark says he feels slightly intimidated by their tallness.

Esther, Micro and Hypno are looking at the daffodils

I asked everyone to gather round, as I wanted to perform a poem I had written. It’s called An Ode to a Leek. *ahem*

Ratvaark is addressing the vaarks“The leek, our favourite vegetable,

Like onion, but not quite.

The top of it is always green,

But the bottom bit is white.”

I was just about to start on verse two, when I sensed I had lost the audience’s attention a little. It seemed that something was up.

God lord! A dragon! It must have been passing and smelt the leek! No wonder everyone was distracted.

We invited it to join us for a cup of tea, and it said it would be delighted, and in return it would tell us Welsh legends. What a lucky chance!

The dragon is sitting on a chair with a cup of tea, while the vaarks listen

Mind you, Arnold thought he better be prepared, just in case the dragon got overexcited about the stories and started breathing fire.  A belated Happy St David’s Day everyone!

Arnold is watching the dragon, with his hi-vis vest and fire extinguisher.

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