Pottering about.

Winston is looking at his suitcase of watches

After all our efforts at Winter Sports in the last couple of weeks, we are getting back to normal, and pottering about getting jobs done. For example, Winston is doing a stocktake.

Winston is looking at his suitcase of watches

Fury has got her solar powered welding gear out to fix a crack she spotted in her big vehicle jack.

Fury, wearing a welding mask, is welding her vehicle jack

Bernard sniffed the air and said it was time to start turning the soil over for some seeds.

Bernard has his gardening apron on and is raking some soil

Dim is in the recording studio, rehearsing a composition on his banjo.

Dim, in front of an egg box wall and wearing headphones, is playing his banjo.

Ofelia decided to check the store cupboard and go shopping, before the summer catering season starts. She thinks falafel and hummus will be popular again.

Ofelia, with her crochet shopping basket, is looking at tins of chickpeas and beans in a cupboard

And Arnold…. Well, it’s odd, Arnold is just spending a lot of time looking at his globe. I wonder why?

Arnold is looking at his globe.

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