No! to food waste.

Ofelia looks at a plate of pasta and salad

Ofelia had a day out yesterday at the Feedback Spring Fiesta. She enjoyed a tasty lunch from Real Junk Food.

Ofelia looks at a plate of pasta and salad

It was so good, she went back for seconds. She liked the bread that looked like a doughnut!

Ofelia looks at another plate of food, this time with her head poking through the hole in a bagel

She went to get a coffee from the coffee stall, but she was a bit frightened of the owl on the coaster. Luckily, the humans got one for her.

Ofelia hides from a coaster that has a picture of an owl on it

There were some very nifty simple stools to sit on. Ofelia made sure to get a picture to show Fury, she thinks Fury could make some no trouble.

Ofelia sits on a simply constructed wooden stool

Inside, there were things to do. Ofelia liked watching the pottery, although she didn’t get too close to the water. Mrs Human had a go at a pot (with a lot of help!)

She met some interesting characters in the craft corner. She was a bit worried about the legless armless stick man, but he seemed to be quite happy. Reminded her of Peggy.

In the afternoon, she watched a couple of films about food waste, and small scale agriculture, which were very interesting. Vaarks are very against food waste. We eat everything.

Ofelia looks at a cinema screen

Then, after dark, it was time for Disco Chop! Lots of chopping vegetables to make a great big dinner! AND a disco! She thinks Dim would enjoy that.

Even the beer was recycled, sort of. She only had the one, but she said it was a lovely flavour.

Ofelia looks at a bottle of Toast beer, made from waste bread

She even got a free cabbage to bring home! She says she’s going to have a go at making sauerkraut. We don’t know what that is, but Ofelia’s food is usually very tasty, so we’ll look forward to it.

Ofelia looks at a savoy cabbage

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