Enter, Satchmo!

Mo looks at a tiny teddy bear sitting on the base of a candlestick

Mr and Mrs Human went to visit her Mum this weekend, and took the milk bottle crate she’d made as a present. Only when we got there, we found there was a stowaway!

A vaark is visible hiding in one of the bottle spaces in a wooden milk bottle crate

He said his name was Satchmo Messenger, or we could call him Mo for short. He is very proud of his satchel. He’d quite like to settle down, and could he stay there? Yes, that’s fine!

By the time the weekend was over, Mo had started to explore, and he found a friend sitting on a candlestick on the mantlepiece. The friend agreed to come along for a ride.

They had a nice chat, and Mo said he was looking forward to making notes in his notebook. He is fond of doing research.

Mo talks to the teddy bear. His satchel is open, and he has got out a tiny spiral bound notebook and pencil

He soon sniffed out a good source of snacks too!

Mo and the teddy look at a dish of pistachio nuts

Winston did ask him whether he’d like to buy a valuable timepiece to help him settle in, but Mo said he’d spotted a perfectly good clock while he was on the mantlepiece.

Winston shows his suitcase of watches to Mo

So, it was time for us to leave. I left Mo with a biscuit to keep him going, and wished him all the best in his new position. We look forward to visiting him again!

Ratvaark talks to Mo and leaves him a cafe biscuit.

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