Guild of Makers is go!

Ernest pulls the bellows on a paper organ pipe

On Friday, we went to the launch of the Guild of Makers – the humans are founder members. We got there in good time to have a coffee and a pastry and do some networking.

There were goody bags! Stickers, and pencils and a handy little tin and all sorts of stuff. The clan were most delighted when I brought them back a bag of sweeties!

We were delighted to meet up with Pim again. He’s settled into his job at Pimoroni very well. Winston asked him if he’d like to buy a watch, but Pim said he has access to superior digital options.

We spent the morning listening to the Keynote Speakers – it was all very interesting.

Ratvaark watches a Q and A session

Then it was lunchtime, and there were lots of nice sandwiches. The humans went off for a tour of the Autodesk factory, but we said we’d stay and guard the lunch. Well. Eat it.

After lunch, there were interesting workshops. Ernest was especially proud of his paper-bellows organ pipe, designed by Rob Ives, which makes a very melodious hoot.

Ernest pulls the bellows on a paper organ pipe

It was a great day, we met so many friends from Twitter AND I got a selfie with Dr Lucy Rogers – Guild Founder, maker, author and Robot Wars judge! Such an honour.

Ratvaark poses with Dr Lucy Rogers.


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