Bernard, full of beans

Bernard uses a tiny rake to till some soil

As it was a lovely sunny morning, Bernard went out to sow some seeds in the garden. He started by raking over the soil to create a fine tilth.

Bernard uses a tiny rake to till some soil

Then he got the dibber out and sowed some broad beans. In the hole it goes!

Bernard pushes a broad bean seed into a hole dibbed into the soil

Peas next. He dug out a wide drill, and laid them in it, in zig-zag fashion, before covering them up.

Bernard looks at rows of pea seeds in a shallow trench

Once he’d sowed those, and some mange tout, he made sure the rows were labelled, and the bird netting in place. He left the watering to Mrs Human to sort out, not being very fond of water.

Bernard looks at a row labelled BB for broad beans, with netting over it.

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