A-hunting we will go!

Winston finds an egg among some primulas

So, it’s Easter Sunday, time for the Easter Egg hunt! We’ve all put our Easter bonnets on to get in the right mood. But….

The vaarks, Peggy and Gino are all wearing Easter bonnets

What!?! Oh no! Cancelled! I wonder why?

The vaarks look at the sign, which has a notice over it saying Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances

Then all of a sudden, Winston jumped out from behind the sign and shouted “April Fool!” He’d stuck the cancellation sign on for a joke! Very funny. Anyway, now we can go and hunt Easter Eggs!

Peggy found hers in the sewing machine where the bobbin ought to be.

Peggy finds an egg in the sewing machine

Vincent had a look in the ribbon box to find his.

Vincent finds an egg in a bundle of ribbon

Bernard searched the office and found one on the printer.Bernard finds an egg on the computer printer

Dim did the sensible thing and looked in the chicken coop, and sure enough, there was one there!

Dim finds an egg in the chicken coop

Ofelia went straight to the pantry and found hers next to the chickpeas.

Ofelia finds an egg in the cupboard

Of course, I found one in my shed!

Ratvaark finds and egg in a flower pot in his shed

Gino followed his nose (there’s a lot of it to follow) and found one on the spice rack.

Gino finds an egg on the spice rack

Ernest found one doing a loop-di-loop on the marble run.

Ernest finds an egg on a marble run


Winston went out to the planters, and found one there. He also found some flowers that matched one of the blooms on his fascinator.

Winston finds an egg among some primulas

Fury headed to the metal workshop, and found that there was one among the big bolts.

Fury finds an egg in a bucket of bolts

Arnold saved one that was stuck in a hole in the floorboards.

Arnold finds an egg in a hole in the floorboards

Hypnovaark found that there was one in his magic hat, much to the annoyance of the rabbit.

Hypno finds an egg in his magic top hat

Matilda was delighted to find a pink one in the knicker drawer!

Matilda finds an egg in a drawer of underwear

Esther found hers by hanging around in the bathroom.

Esther finds an egg on the heated towel rail

Is that everyone? No, not quite. Microvaark is still looking. He even got his magnifying glass out to help him look.

Microvaark is looking, with a tiny magnifying glass

But that didn’t seem to work, so he set up the telescope instead!

And then, he thought to turn round…. And there it was, the biggest egg of all!

Microvaark is looking at an egg much bigger than him!

So, Happy Easter everyone! We hope you enjoy your Easter eggs as much as we will!

All the vaarks have their eggs and are looking at the camera

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