Ratvaark chats to a giraffe shaped swizzle stick

We all went over to Leeds yesterday, to help install a poopicorn for Play Lab Leeds Fury got straight to work on the electrics, while we explored.

What’s a Poopicorn? It’s a marble run machine, designed to react to donations to a crowdfunder with a rush of marbles. It’s a pooping unicorn, of course!

There is a machine in the shop window. It has a unicorn at the top, and from it's bottom marbles fall down a series of ramps and levers to the bottom.

We gave a lift to a new vaark, who has gone to live with Emma from Play Lab. It thanked us for the lift, and then we had a big wiffle-hug.

I think this will be a very good place for a vaark to live and play!

Ratvaark and new vaark look at a huge inflatable ice cream cone


I met a giraffe. I like giraffes. Hello Giraffe!

Ratvaark chats to a giraffe shaped swizzle stick

Esther found a letter S to try and help Winston remember which way round was correct. I bet he still forgets though.

Ofelia and Hypnovaark liked the cafe menu. They think we should have a coffee van someday.

Hypnovaark and Ofelia look at the menuboard of a mobile coffee shop

Oi! Whaddya mean, daft as a brush?!

Ratvaark looks at a height chart on the wall. He is next to the line that says Daft as a Brush

All this time Fury had been hard at work with our friend Pim, sorting out the computer/communication aspects.

But of course, she had some time off to play. Toot toot Arnold!

Fury sits on a lego vehicle - a tricycle with caterpillar tracks

You can see a little video of the Poopicorn running in this tweet.

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