Arnold makes an announcement!

Arnold shows Microvaark America on his globe

Oh my goodness. Something astonishing has happened. We are quite discombobulated. We were all just mooching about this morning, chatting and doing stuff…

Then Arnold did a bit of “ahem-ing” and said he had an announcement. We groaned a bit, because we thought it might be another fire-marshal training session or something.

The vaarks gather round to listen to Arnold.

But then, he said he was going on a holiday. I said he must be wrong because we’re not going on holiday for ages, but he said not all of us, just him! That got us talking.

The vaarks all look at each other in surprise.

Then he explained. HE’S GOING TO RIDE HIS MOTORBIKE ACROSS AMERICA! He got the idea ages ago, from a poster in a cafe. He’s been planning for ages, secretly. He’s going over on a boat!

He showed us the route he’s going to take, on his globe. Microvaark thinks it’s a terribly long way. And he’s leaving tomorrow!!

Arnold shows Microvaark America on his globe


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