Winston goes to Levenshulme

Winston looks at some triangles of cloth ready to be made into bunting

Winston had a trip out today, to Levenshulme Repair Cafe to see how it all worked. He set himself up with a nice coffee first of all.

Winston looks at a large cup of latte

There was someone repairing bikes and someone repairing clothes. The clothes lady was making bunting too, which Winston thought looked like vaark overcoats.

Winston watches a bike being repaired

Winston looks at some triangles of cloth ready to be made into bunting

There was a very shiny toaster too. Winston watched the repair with great interest, and sneaked a glance at his fine ears in the mirrored sides.

Winston looks at his reflection in a very shiny toaster

After the repair cafe, it was time for a trip to Levy Market and a spot of lunch. Winston thought he’d tell Ofelia about the Quesadilas, if he could remember how to spell them.

Winston looks at a blackboard advertising food

He tried a bit of trading, but had trouble finding a pitch that was both visible and inconspicuous, not having a permit himself.

Winston sets up his suitcase of watches on top of a dustbin

But then he found that the band playing (Sound of Thieves) were friends of the humans, and fans of the mousevaarks, so he borrowed a pitch next to their CDs. He didn’t sell anything, but he had a good day out!

Winston has his suitcase open next to a music case full of CDs for sale.

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