Vincent likes to be beside the seaside!

Vincent looks at the sea in the distance

The humans decided it was too nice to work today, so they went to the seaside and Vincent tagged along. They started with a spot of lunch in the sun.

Vincent looks at a packet of sausage rolls

Vincent enjoyed watching the sea in the distance. The trouble with the sea is, it doesn’t always STAY in the distance and he got a bit worried when it got closer. The humans agreed it was time to move.

Vincent looks at the sea in the distance

Vincent watches as the sea comes closerVincent peers over the edge of a concrete ledge as the sea comes right in

On to the next treat! But what flavour to go for? In the end, he chose the chocolate one!

A bit further in the car, and they ended up in Llandudno, where it was time for tea, and a spot of cake. More choices!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day out! Vincent even had a ride on a horse. Well, sort of. Mind you, he hardly wanted any dinner when he got home.

Vincent sits on a children's ride in a shopping centre

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