Arnold on top of the world.

Arnold arrives at the doors of Vaark Tower

Arnold has seen a lot in New York, but he says there was one thing he really wanted to do while he was in the city, and that was to visit a skyscraper.

Arnold arrives at the doors of Vaark Tower

Once inside, he headed for the Express Lift to the top floor where the observation platform is. Going up!

At the top, there was an exhibition about the way they built skyscrapers in the old days. Arnold was shocked by the lack of Health and Safety! Thank goodness they don’t do stuff like that anymore…

Arnold is shocked looking at old pictures of workmen sitting on girders in mid air


Arnold is shocked looking at the view of New York, with two vaarks (Winston and Vincent) sitting on a girder in mid air

Once the girder was out of the way, Arnold could enjoy the amazing view. What a sight.

Arnold enjoys the view of Manhattan

Arnold made sure he took a selfie, to remember the moment. He’s leaving New York now, and moving on.

Arnold reaches out to the camera with his snozzle to take a selfie.

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