Cry Vaark for Harry, England, and St George!

The king is talking to Vincent who is dressed as St George

Hello! As today is both St George’s Day, and Shakespeare’s birthday, we are going to perform a play what I have written, telling the tale of St George!

The vaarks have gathered to watch a play

Once upon a time, there was a king, who had loyal soldiers at his side.

Ratvaark is dressed as a king, and Dim and Winston stand by dressed as soldiers with swords.

One day, a messenger arrived in a terrible flap, and said that the princess had been captured by a terrible dragon! The soldiers must dash off and rescue her!

The king and soldiers look at Hypnovaark, who is dressed in a ruff and cap

So the soldiers ran off as fast as they could, to confront the dragon and rescue the princess.

The soldiers confront the ceramic dragon, who is holding Ofelia, dressed as a princess, hostage.

But when they found out the dragon could BREATHE FIRE, they ran away again as fast as they could!

The dragon breathes paper fire, and the soldiers run away

But then a young chap called George turned up and said he wasn’t afraid of no dragon, and he’d sort it out.

The king is talking to Vincent who is dressed as St George

So off he went, with his lance and shield, to find the dragon in its lair.

St George confronts the dragon

And when the dragon breathed fire at him, he just ducked behind his shield. And the dragon noticed the shield…

As the dragon breathes fire, St George ducks behind his biscuit shield

Well, it turns out, dragons are very fond of biscuits! It was quite happy to swap the princess for a more tasty snack.

The dragon has the biscuit, and George leaves with the princess

So George returned the princess to her home safely, and everyone was jolly happy about it. And the king promised to replace the biscuit.

George returns the princess to the king

Thank you, ladies and gentlevaarks! Our play is at an end. *bow*

All the cast take a bow

I say, dragon, do be careful! Still, glad to see Ernest is on the ball in his temporary job!

The dragon breathes fire again, as Ernest stands by with the fire extinguisher.

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