Off to the MakerFaire!

Fury looks at a big red button labelled Do Not Push

We went on a trip yesterday. It was a very long drive. We’ve never been here before! We were going to Newcastle, to the MakerFaire UK! On arrival, we were delighted to meet up with ApprenticeVaark (who lives with Dr Lucy Rogers) and Barry (who lives with Rob Ives).

We soon set off to see all the stalls. No, Fury, I don’t think you should.

Fury looks at a big red button labelled Do Not Push

Um, back away slowly Fury, I don’t think it’s seen us.


Fury looks at a big red button labelled Do Not Push

Fury said hello to R2D2, but all he did was beep at her And the other robot didn’t say much at all.

The humans did some drawing on a big LED wall. Vaarks, of course!

You know, Fury, it looks like a drill, but I can smell cake. In fact, I think it might be lunchtime. Ah, hello Barry and ‘prentice, shall we share a snack?

More to see after lunch. Fury and I played an arcade game. Up a bit Fury!

Ratvaark and Fury operate one lever each to control an arcade game

There was a little opportunity for shopping. Fury was interested in all sorts of things. I just sniggered.

Another game! You had to make a given number up in binary. Bernard would be good at that. But we managed to win a gobstopper each!

We all met a Laser Cut Man. I let him pet me, while the others checked to see if he had pockets with snacks in. No joy, sadly.

A model figure of a man pats Ratvaark on the nose while the other vaarks stand behind him

Look, Fury! This machine is called Margot! What? Oh really, you shouldn’t be so sensitive about your birthname.

Fury looks at a screen with the name Margot on it.

I helped Dr Lucy Rogers when it came to driving robots in the Robot Smashdown. Left! Left! Right! Now, deploy the weapon!

On the way home we stopped off to see something amazing! Look at the wings Fury! 

Fury and Ratvaark sit on a metal object

Fury and Ratvaark look up at a large structureFury and Ratvaark are looking at the Angel of the North sculpture

And as it was getting late, we had dinner at the services. Tuck in Fury! We were very tired when we got home, but it was a great day!

Ratvaark and Fury tuck into a burger and fries.

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