Au revoir, PlayLab!

Ratvaark has a helium balloon tied to his nose

I went with the humans today to the PlayLab closing party (until they find somewhere else to pop up!). There were stars with all the helper’s names on, but I had unaccountably been left off. I put it right.

There were helium balloons! I tried but, one wasn’t enough to lift me. Neither were two, although it did lift my tail a little bit…

Down in the basement, there was a shadow puppet making activity. Look! It’s me!

Back upstairs, Mrs Human said I could have a biscuit. I was happy, although it was a rather plain biscuit…

The puppet wiggles it's head and tail in unison

Hold on a minute…

Ratvaark looks at a digestive biscuit

It’s me again! Me on a biscuit! A Rat-biscuit! And very tasty it was too. What a fun party!

There is a striped shape iced on the biscuit

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