Nonsuch’s Grand Day Out

They look out of the window of a tram

We’ve had a visitor for a couple of nights – Nonsuch, from Norfolk, visiting with his humans. We welcomed him with our Welcome banner, and the customary celebratory snack.

We were up bright and early on Monday for a day out. I’d promised to show Nonsuch all around Manchester. We travelled by tram. Nonsuch had never been on a tram before.

They look out of the window of a tram

Our first place of interest was the Art Gallery. We enjoyed most of the art very much, but Nonsuch said some of it was a bit saucy for a country vaark. We did find a very ornate vaark-house though.

They look at a very ornate cabinet with doors and cubby holes in it

After lunch at Real Junk Food (which the human forgot to photograph!) we dropped into the John Rylands Library to admire the Reading Room. Nonsuch whispered that it was Very Ornate.

They look at the very ornate Victorian reading room

Our final stop was MOSI, the Museum Of Science and Industry, where we were very interested by all the industrial machinery.

Fortunately, by this time, the humans were getting tired, so they decided it was time for tea and cake. Oh, the cake!

On the way home, we decided that as it was so warm, we’d pop into The Northern Type for a refreshing drink. I had a fruit soda, and Nonsuch enjoyed a nice IPA.

Ratvaark sips a cold drink and Nonsuch sniffs a beer

Well, we had a lovely time. This morning we had a big goodbye wiffle-hug with Nonsuch, and sent him on his way with a snack to keep him going. We hope we’ll see him again soon.

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