A slice of pre-history…

Esther admires the texture of the thatched roof

Esther had a day out today, visiting some antiquities! She went to Castell Henllys Iron Age fort, where once upon a time Mrs Human dug holes in the ground. There are reconstructed roundhouses to look into!

A scene of iron age roundhouses

Inside one, she thought she might have found a cheese, or a wedding cake, but it turned out to be a grindstone for grain. And she saw a pole lathe, a bit like my lathe, only more rustic.

Esther likes the pattern of the reeds in the thatch, it appeals to her design eye.

Esther admires the texture of the thatched roof

After all the looking around, she was quite peckish, and so were the humans, so they were glad of the nice cafe, which served some rather super cake!

Esther looks at a nice slice of cake and a cup of tea

Then it was on to another ancient monument at Pentre Ifan, How clever those old humans were to get that great big stone balanced up there!

Esther looks at a stone monument which is a big flat stone balanced on three upright stones

The field banks were very pretty with flowers. The bluebells were especially pretty.

Esther sits on a bank surrounded by bluebells

After all that, it was time for a late lunch – a lovely filled baguette – and then the drive back. A lovely day.

Esther looks at a lunch of a filled baguette and salad

2 thoughts on “A slice of pre-history…”

  1. What a wonderful day out. How interesting to see how roundhouses would have looked and I like the simple tech of the pole lathe. Thank you for sharing your visit Esther and can I say I admire your wool. Jolly fine.

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