Lift off!

Arnold looks at a rocket on the launch pad in the distance

While he was in Florida, Arnold visited the Kennedy Space Center. There were lots of interesting exhibits including moon rocks and meterorites.

Arnold looks at some unusual rocks on plinths, labelled moon rock and meteorite

He was very excited to see a spacesuit – the sort used for spacewalking.

Arnold looks at a spacesuit. Ratvaark can just be seen inside

He thought the Apollo capsule looked very cramped for a crew of three!

Arnold looks at a space capsule, which is a metal lampshade

There were models of the solar system. Jupiter is very imposing, but something about Saturn had his snozzle twitching…

Oops. Better leave quickly Arnold, before anyone notices the crumbs….

Arnold leaves, having taken a bite out of Saturn's rings

Outside, he was lucky to see a rocket lift off. He said it was VERY LOUD!

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