Rural Visiting

All the vaarks pose for a group photo

We went visiting yesterday, to see our friend Aloysius in his new home, and meet up with the Snailvaark clan too. Big wiffle-hugs all round!

Ratvaark and the others have a big hug with Aloysius

Aloysius welcomed us all warmly. He was, of course, wearing his Manly Pants. He was keen to show us the view of his new Estate.

Ernest presented him with the customary Party Ring of Visiting. Aloysius said he was very pleased, as it could be difficult to get such sophisticated goods in the countryside.

Ernest presents Aloysius with a Party Ring biscuit.

Snailvaark and Esther were happy to catch up, being such close relatives. And Microvaark and Lazlo enjoyed a chat too, about the perils of being a Very Small Vaark.

Esther and Snailvaark, and Microvaark and Lazlo, have a chat

Ofelia and Arthur C had a lot to talk about, as they compared their detachable tails. Since they have incompatible attachment systems, they couldn’t swap tails, but were able to discuss pros and cons.

Ofelia and Arthur C Vaark admire each other’s tails

Fury soon sneaked out to look at some of the improvements required around the place, which she felt had great potential for a vaark colony, once a few little wrinkles had been ironed out.

Fury looks at a tumbledown barn, with her toolbox and big hammer.

We had a lovely time, and made sure we posed for a big group photo to remember the day.

All the vaarks pose for a group photo

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