Getting in line…

Dim has got his banjo out

I realised I should introduce you to our host on holiday – Frank, AKA Hank, and his friend Smigling. We are always pleased to see each other, and Smigling always welcomes us with open arms.

This time, Frank said that in his Country and Western guise as Hank, he would like to teach us line dancing! He even put a stetson on.

Frank has put on a stetson

Dim said it was a lucky coincidence that he’d brought his banjo along, as he’s not a good dancer. He would play, Hank would demonstrate and Smigling would call out the moves.

Dim has got his banjo out

So, we all lined up on the dancefloor, and Hank turned one way, and we all did the same…

Then he turned again, and so did we. Then we did a shuffle to one side, and another turn…

Whoops! I must have gone wrong somewhere. So sorry Bernard!

Ratvaark collides with Bernard and they fall over

So in the end we decided to watch line dancing on video instead, and share a few biscuits.

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