Internal Fire!

Fury hovers her snozzle over a big red button

Fury here: On the way home from holiday, the humans took me to visit Internal Fire – a museum of power! It was cracking, I love a big powerful engine.

There were engines running too. This one made a great galoppidah-galoppidah sound, I was humming tunes to fit over the rhythm.

Fury watches a big flywheel spinning round

Cor, look at that! That’s mercury boiling in there.. Converting one sort of electricity to another. Press the button again!

Fury looks at a bright blue light arcing through a glass tube

It wasn’t just engines, there was a radio section too. After a lot of twiddling knobs, I think I picked up the faintest whisper of Vaark FM.

Fury listens to an old radio receiver

The old telephone exchange was interesting. The humans are not quite old enough to remember pushing Button A, but they do remember two penny phone calls!

Fury sits on an old payphone with buttons A and B

I wished I could have had a rootle round in here, so many interesting things!

Fury peers into a polytunnel full of various equipment

This little electric tractor would be so useful. I could hitch up a trailer, and fetch a year’s worth of snacks in one go!

Fury sits on a tiny electric tractor unit

Now, what happens if I press this…? Oh! It started a video. Not the big jet engine the video was about. Never mind….

Fury hovers her snozzle over a big red button

Well, after all that, I’d worked up a right old appetite. Lunch time! I hope we go back there, it was fab!

Fury peers into an open bag of crisps

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