Waiting for a train…

Arnold pulls up on his bike at a railroad crossing sign

Crossing the wide spaces of Texas, Arnold came across a Railroad Crossing, with the lights flashing, so he stopped. Sure enough, a train soon came along.


It was one of those very long freight trains, so he got off his bike for a stretch.

The loco is pulling wooden goods trucks as Arnold watches.

The train was so long, he had a root round in his pannier and got his dinner out for a picnic while he waited.

In fact, it was still passing by when it got dark, so he unrolled his bivvy bag and settled down for the night.

Arnold curls up in his bivvy bag in the dark, as the train still passes

And when he woke up in the morning, the last truck was just going past, so he hopped back on the bike, and got on his way before another train came along!

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