A trip to Tideswell.

Ratvaark looks at a toasted Crich Square, a sort of teacake

I accompanied the humans on a last minute trip to London to deliver a commission on Thursday, and on the way back, we stopped off with my good friend Messenger for the night. It was great to catch up with him and his friends.

Ratvaark chats to Messenger Vaark, a china guinea pig and a tiny teddy bear.

Next day, the humans had to pick up an Ebay purchase in Derbyshire on the way back. I got to explore a tiny history box, and listen to some reminiscences.

The village of Tideswell has a grand tradition of making pictures to decorate the well. It’s all made out of flowers! Very clever.

Ratvaark looks at an elaborate picture made up of flowers

It was very hot, but it was nice sitting next to the spring. I took great care not to get wet, of course.

Ratvaark sits by a spring coming up through a rock

While we waited for our appointment, we had some refreshment in a cafe. I had a choice of Almond and Apricot tart, or a toasted Crich Square. So naturally I had both!

It was a long hot drive home, but once we got back, I had to show Fury what Mr Human had bought. A big old winch to restore! She said it was great, and straight away started to help, knocking rust off with her big hammer!

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