Off to the Maker Fest!

Fury sits in a hatchway

Fury and I went to Liverpool Make Fest on Saturday. Fury felt right at home straight away on the Girls With Drills stand, and was glad she wore her teeshirt.

Inside, I had a go on the Vaark Sized Try Your Strength machine, and I thought I did quite well. Except, of course, Fury had to try the human sized one. She’s a very strong vaark indeed!

Ratvaark has a go on a tiny try your strength machineFury hits the jackpot on a full size machine

After looking at a few things, and listening to some talks, it was time for lunch. A BBQ burger, with everything on it please!

Fury and Ratvaark tuck into a nice burger

Right, back inside. Fury had a go at building a circuit. She said it was a Detector. I asked what it detected, she said it was currently detecting a rotund vaark in a blue coat. Cheek!

Fury points an arrow shaped board with copper circuits on it at Ratvaark

There were quite a lot of stands with Robots, and Fury found this very useful one, just the right size for a vaark to ride on!

Raarrrrrggh! Do I look scary Fury? What do you mean, no more than usual!

Fury looks at Ratvaark who is wearing a 3D printed dragon head.

Fury, what’s that you’re sitting in? Um, Fury! It’s a rocket! Don’t press any buttons!

Ah, so THAT’S what the Detector detects! Snacks! Very useful indeed! What a fun day we’ve had.

Fury points her detector board at some cookies

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