A town called Deadwood.

Arnold is outside the doors of the saloon, looking at a wanted poster with a picture of Peggy on it.

Dramatic news from Arnold! He found himself in the town of Deadwood, and pulled the bike up outside the saloon. He thought he’d go in and have some refreshment.

Arnold pulls up outside a wild west saloon

Arnold is outside the doors of the saloon, looking at a wanted poster with a picture of Peggy on it.

He went through the swing doors, and everything went quiet. Even the piano player looked at him. I guess they don’t get a lot of visitors…

As Arnold stands in the doorway, everyone inside looks at him

A little nervous, he didn’t know what to ask for. The Bartender asked “Bourbon?” so he just said yes, please.

Arnold goes up to the bar

Oh! That sort of bourbon! That’s fine! The locals turned out to be quite friendly after all, so he joined some chaps playing cards. And then Calamity Jane came in!

It was all very jolly, until suddenly the Bank Manager came running in. A gang of desperadoes were robbing the bank! Everyone piled out into the street.

Good lord, it’s the notorious Peggy McGee and her henchman The Italian. They’ve grabbed the safe and are making off with it!

Peggy and Gino, bandanas covering their faces, stand holding a safe and brandishing a pistol

Peggy and Gino make off with the safe

Arnold quickly jumped on his bike, and Calamity Jane leapt onto a horse and they set off in hot pursuit.

Arnold has jumped onto his bike, and Fury rides a horse with a Western saddle

It wasn’t long before Arnold was back with the safe. The Italian had dropped it so he could run faster. But Calamity Jane had captured Peggy McGee!

Arnold returns on his bike, with the safe on the pillion

Fury returns with Peggy, tied up in a lasso


The Sheriff said there was a reward for Peggy McGee, and handed them both a big bundle of dollar bills. Good work!

Ratvaark, as Sheriff, gives Arnold and Fury a bundle of money

Well, Arnold and Calamity Jane agreed what was best, so they went back into the saloon, slapped the money on the bar and ordered bourbons for all. Everyone had a fine evening!

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