Bear necessities.

Arnold looks at a sign saying Old Faithful

An update from Arnold. He wanted a break from his bike for a day or two, so he headed to Yellowstone Park.

Arnold arrives at a sign reading Yellowstone Park

He parked the bike up, transferred some stuff from his panniers to a rucksack, and set off on a hike.

Arnold carries a rucksack with his bivvy bag rolled up across the top

He soon found himself at a famous spot. So he waited. And waited. And waited. And then Whooosh! What a spectacular geyser!

Arnold looks at a sign saying Old Faithful

Arnold’s ears fly up in astonishment as a geyser shoots up into the sky

He hiked on all day, and then when it got to teatime, he found a good spot and started to set up camp.

Arnold unpacks his rucksack next to a small campfire.

He was just getting the sandwiches out, when he heard a noise…

Arnold lays out a cup and saucer and plate of sandwiches, with a brown furry shape in the background

Oh my lord! A bear! Arnold was quite afraid for a minute, but the bear was very friendly, and wanted a chat. So they shared the sandwiches.

Arnold’s ears fly up as he meets a bear

And as the sun went down, Arnold got out the marshmallows, and they toasted them and talked into the night.

The bear and Arnold toast marshmallows in the red glow of the fire

Eventually the bear said it was his bedtime, so he said goodbye. And Arnold snuggled down in his bivvy bag, warmed by the last embers of the fire.

Arnold sleeps in his bivvy bag in the fire glow

The next morning, he packed everything up, made quite sure the fire was completely out, and set off the walk back to the bike, quite refreshed.

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