Meeting the locals.

Snozzle like snake offers Arnold a peace pipe

Oh dear! Arnold’s in a bit of bother, his bike ran out of ‘gas’. But fortunately a Native American vaark happened to come along. He introduced himself as Chief Snozzle-Like-Snake.

He said he’d be able to give Arnold some gas, and invited him to hop on his horse for a lift.

Arnold and Snozzle Like Snake ride the horse together

Back home, Snozzle-Like-Snake introduced Arnold to his wife, Wings-for-Ears.

Arnold is introduced to wings for ears

Snozzle-Like-Snake asked Arnold if he would like to share a Pipe of Peace. Arnold said he didn’t want to offend but tobacco made him ill. So Wings-for-Ears said it was fine, they would share a Biscuit of Peace instead.

Arnold mentioned that he’d heard that the weather back home had been terribly dry, so Snozzle-Like-Snake and Wings-For-Ears said they would do a rain dance for his friends. It was very interesting to watch.

Eventually, it was time to go, so Snozzle-Like-Snake took Arnold back to his bike with a can of petrol, and waved him off as he got back on the road.

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