A lucky streak!

Arnold puts his last chip into the fruit machine

Arnold messaged to say that after a difficult ride across the desert, he’d arrived in Las Vegas! He said it wasn’t as glamorous as he’d imagined to start with.

Arnold rides his bike past a sign that says Las Vegas Bingo and Amusements

But then he found the Strip with all the big casinos, and decided to have a little careful gamble. Just one chip at a time.

Arnold looks at the Golden Nugget Amusement Arcade (in Great Yarmouth)

Arnold looks at the Caesars Palace Amusement Arcade (in Great Yarmouth)

First of all – roulette! He couldn’t decide on a number, so he put his chip on zero.

And then it was all eyes on the croupier as he span the wheel and dropped the ball in.

The croupier spins the wheel

Oh my! Zero! Arnold’s number came up!

So the croupier collected in everyone else’s chips, and Arnold got his winnings. How lucky is that!

The other game he fancied trying was Blackjack, so he joined a table. The dealer dealt everyone two cards and they looked at them…

Arnold sits at a blackjack table with other vaarks

Gosh! Arnold got 21 straight away! He wins again!

Well, he thought he better call it quits, so he went to the cash office and cashed in all his chips for a bundle of dollar bills.

But then, on the way out he saw a fruit machine, and found a single chip left in his pocket, so he thought he might as well put it in, and pull the handle….

Arnold puts his last chip into the fruit machine

Arnold pulls the lever on the one armed bandit

What’s that! Oh my! He’s only gone and won again! Triple Party Rings… What’s that clattering noise?

Arnold looks at three Party Ring symbols in a line on the fruit machine

Wow. What a prize! Enough for everyone to have a share, so everyone wins!

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