A night of luxury.

Arnold reads the sign, which says Bates Motel, Under New Management

Arnold has mostly been camping on his trip, but as it started to get dark he decided he’d treat himself to a night in a motel. This looks good. Under New Management, eh?

Arnold pulls up outside a cute looking building, with a sign outside

Arnold reads the sign, which says Bates Motel, Under New Management

He went to reception and the chap said there was a double room available, so Arnold booked in and went up. Looks very comfortable – more so than a bivvy bag on the ground, anyway. Although there’s an odd noise, like someone playing strident chords on a violin.

After a long hot day in the saddle, Arnold decided to have a nice relaxing shower.

Arnold is in the shower

Um, what’s the shape on the other side of the curtain?

Arnold can see a shadow of a vaark figure on the other side of the curtain and his ears fly up.

Oh! It’s just the reception chap, asking if Arnold needs more towels…

The shower curtain is pulled back to reveal the receptionist with a pile of towels

So, all refreshed, Arnold treated himself to dinner on room service. Super! But he had to ask, what that funny noise was? The chap said there was a musician in the next room. And he only seems to know the one chord.

He reckons it’s a good thing he packed his ear defenders!

Arnold is getting into bed wearing ear defenders

There now, with his ears covered, and tucked up in the quilt, he’s quite comfortable, and settled for a good night’s sleep. Night night Arnold!

Arnold is tucked up in bed in the dark, with ear defenders on.

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