There’s gold in them there hills!

The prospector scoops up some gravel

Arnold came across a river while he was riding through California, so he stopped to go for a walk along it. Suddenly, he came across a prospector, panning for gold!

The prospector said he’d show Arnold how it was done. He scooped up some gravel from the river and washed it over and over with river water…

The prospector scoops up some gravel

Look! Gold! Tiny little pieces of gold, but the prospector said it all adds up. It’s hard work though.

Arnold looks at tiny particles of gold in the pan

He said Arnold could have a go, and keep anything he found – only he might not get anything, as it’s hard for a beginner to get it just right and not wash the gold away.

Arnold scoops up some gravel

Well, Arnold scooped and washed, and washed and washed and thought he saw something starting to show up…

Arnold spots something shining in the gravel

Good Lord! It’s a huge nugget! The prospector asked him to have another go and give him whatever he found…

Arnold is amazed by a big nugget in the pan

Sure enough, Arnold found another nugget! The prospector was very pleased, he said it was more gold that he’d found in all his time there! So they both went off very happy!

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