Set ups and soundchecks!

Ernest looks up at Fury who is in the cab of her truck

It’s all getting very busy on the Vaarklife Festival site! Fury arrived early with a trailer load of stuff. Then she used the crane to hoist the Glamping Pods into place, under Winston’s instructions.

Ernest looks up at Fury who is in the cab of her truck

Winston and Ernest look upwards as Fury operates the arm of a mobile crane

Microvaark was very pleased to be able to use his telehandler to load equipment onto the stage. Dim’s DJ desk is very heavy!

Microvaark uses his telehandler to hoist a DJ desk onto the stage

With the stage all set up, Fury and Ernest sorted out the audio links, did a sound check and made sure the lighting all worked OK.

Meanwhile, Winston is busy adding the decorative touches to the Glamping Pods. There’s so much to do!

Winston lays a floral rug down in one of the glamping pods

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