Arnold’s Big Decision

Arnold talks to the movie director he met before

So, later that evening, Arnold went, a little nervously, to the Director’s beach house. It was very swanky with an outside deck, and fairy lights, and lots of other guests. Arnold wished he’d brought his tuxedo.

Arnold arrives at a party where all the vaarks are dressed in frocks and tuxedoes

But the Director rushed over to greet him and told him to make himself at home, and mingle, and help himself to the buffet.

Arnold talks to the movie director he met beforeArnold looks at a buffet table laden with sandwiches

It was a very swish party. There were guests in designer frocks and even some stars Arnold recognised, and was honoured to have a chat with.

Arnold looks at a vaark (Matilda) in a frock that is held together with safety pins

Arnold chats to R2D2

Then the Director found him again, and said he’d like to introduce a Big Shot Agent, who was on the lookout for new talent. The Director said he’d told him all about Arnold’s talent on the bike.

The director introduces Arnold to the agent (Bernard), who has a briefcase

The Big Shot Agent said he’d like to sign Arnold up – and he had the money ready, if he’d just agree now…

The Agent shows an astonished Arnold that the briefcase is full of bundles of dollar bills.

Well, it’s a lot to think about. Arnold made his excuses and slipped down to the beach, where he sat, and watched the Pacific Ocean. He thought about the last time he’d looked at the sea at night, and all the adventures he’d had since then. And he made a decision…

Arnold sits on a beach, looking at the ocean, with a starry sky above.


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