Tidying up after the party!

Fury is on top of the amp, coiling the leads up

Well, after all the fun of the festival, it’s time to clear up. Arnold rolled up his bivvy bag, and we took the tents down.

Winston set to, dismantling the fairy light canopy. Bernard asked him if he could buy the hanging basket from the glamping pod.

Winston said “Yes, that’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…” and Bernard went away happy, while Winston resolved to buy a proper ladder for next year.

Fury is disconnecting all the leads and coiling them neatly for storage.

Fury is on top of the amp, coiling the leads up

Ernest and Vincent swept up the bits and pieces that had blown out of the bins, mainly chip cartons. Now, Vincent if you just lift the edge of the field… Job done!

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