A walk in the Sculpture Park

Esther reclines in front of a reclining figure by Henry Moore

Esther has been on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s a lovely park full of sculptures, and some indoor galleries. First stop, of course, was the cafe for a light snack.

One of the things she especially wanted to see was the animals made by Mister Finch. They were all marvellous, in their fancy jackets. Quite mystical.

A textile white hedgehog holding a pair of bells aloft


The woodland theme even carried through to the plinths the animals sat on. It was all beautifully done and Esther felt quite inspired.

Esther looks at a table leg, carved to look like a toadstool

By now, it was lunchtime, so before they set out for a walk, it was back to the restaurant. The humans were very pleased to find that there was a gluten and dairy free option for Mr Human.

And then, off they all went to walk round the park. There were lots of interesting sculptures, and some marvellous trees. Esther quite agrees about art in school.

Esther sits in a crevice in the bark of a huge tree

She decided to have a go at a little sketching and the giant rabbit lady seemed ideal. Mr Human kindly provided a platform to work on.

Esther sets her easel up in front of a huge sculpture of a woman with a rabbit head

Esther has sketched the rabbit-woman

Esther spotted one thing Fury would have enjoyed – not so much the sculpture taking shape, but the cranes lifting the giant stones into place!

Esther watches as a crane lifts a huge stone into place

And Bernard would like this little grotto, the entrance to a well.

Esther looks at an ornate stone doorway in the side of a hill

Well, after all that walking, there was just time for a small snack before it was time to go home. Esther couldn’t help thinking that the colours of the meringue looked a bit like Matilda!

Esther looks at a large pink and white stripey meringue

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