A minor technical difficulty.

Fury sits on the steering wheel of the tractor

I’ve been out exploring on this farm we’re staying on and woohoo! I found a tractor. Yeah! Now I can have some fun.

It won’t start for some reason. If I can just figure out the controls, perhaps I’ll get it going….

Fury peers at the dashboard of the tractor

What’s that Bernard? You know why it won’t go? Well, I doubt that, as I don’t think you’ve got a mechanical bone in your body. What? Oh, OK, I’ll come and look, but I don’t think…

Bernard talks to Fury on the bonnet of the tractor

Ah. Fiddlesticks. There’s a hanging basket instead of an engine. Yeah, ok, that might explain it.

Bernard and Fury peer at the engine bay which is filled with a planted up basket of nasturtiums

Never mind, it’s a lovely day to sit and pretend to go for a tractor ride…..

Bernard and Fury sit on the seat of the tractor in the sun.

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