Winston’s Skate Shack!

Vincent is skating in front of Fury’s truck as she works underneath it.

Vincent has been trying to practise tricks on his skateboard. He tried practising on the raised beds, but Bernard told him off when he knocked a flowerpot over. And, Bernard said, it was scaring the chicken.

So he came and played by the shed, but I was trying to do some woodwork, and it was distracting me, so I told him to go somewhere else.

He went out into the yard, where Fury was working on her truck, but she said the noise was making it hard to hear the tappets properly, and could he find another place.

He tried indoors, where Peggy was doing some sewing, but he got tangled up in her pile of fabric, and she got cross with him.

He went and found Winston, and complained about how sad he was not being able to skate anywhere. Winston, who is quite a good listener, had an idea.

Winston went off to Esther, and asked her if he could borrow some her artist’s supplies, and he got to work on a project.

Then he went and found Vincent and told him to come and have a look at something…  Oh my! A skatepark! There’s a shack to hire kit from, and a ramp for tricks!

Well, word soon got out and while Vincent practised to his heart’s content, some of us came to have a go too.

Arnold said he’d use his own bike helmet, and Dim brought his sound system for everyone to have some funky music. He said he’d hire a few protective pads, since he can be a bit clumsy.

Winston even had a board that was the right shape for my generous bottom! Excellent service!

Winston shows Ratvaark a board that is much wider at one end.

Bernard asked where the skate snack was. Winston said “You what?” and Bernard realised it was an H not an N. Maybe he needs new glasses.

But Winston is a quick thinker, and in no time he’d knocked together a skate snack!

Winston presents Bernard with a board formed of a biscuit with dolly mixture wheels.

Well, we have had fun. Vincent said it was the best thing Winston had ever done, and now he’s got somewhere to hang out whenever he wants!

Everyone is enjoying skating on the ramp.

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