Going for a Spooky walk…

Dim sees a ghost

Dim was listening to the radio earlier choosing spooky music for the Halloween party, when Ofelia came in and said she was making pumpkin soup, but she’d run out of cumin, and could he go and fetch some please?

So he put his hoodie on and ventured out into the night to find a shop.

Dim is out on the street wearing his hoodie

Oh my! There’s something strange in the neighbourhood! Who’s he gonna call?

Dim sees a ghost

Ghostbusters! Quickly, they confront the ghoul!

Then one of them steps forward and Scchhhhlllluurrrrrp! They suck that ghost up into their tank! And then they’re off, must be a busy night!

So, on he walked. Pretty soon he was passing the graveyard, a spooky place on a night like this. He was very glad to get past it, and see the lights of the cinema.

But what’s that groaning noise? Yikes! Zombies!

Zombie vaarks in ragged clothes come out of the graveyard

Oh! It’s Michael Jackson, and the thriller gang!

The zombies dance, led by Hypno in a Michael Jackson costume

How well they dance, how coordinated they are!

Well, Dim thinks, as he wanders on, I’m not sure I’m going to find any shops in this forest…

Dim wanders into a forest

Suddenly, pouf! The devil appears! He sets Dim a challenge – a fiddle playing contest. Dim’s soul, or a golden fiddle prize!

Well, the devil plays a pretty good tune, but he’s reckoned without Dim’s skill! That bow is smoking! And now Dim has a shiny new fiddle!

A little further on, Dim found himself in a cavern with a river running through it. How IS he going to get over that?

Dim comes to a wide river

But what’s that sound? Like music? Oh! The Phantom of the Opera and his muse!

Dim called out to them, to ask for a lift across the water, and they were happy to help and waved farewell as they sailed on again.

Well, he’s been walking for ages, and now he’s come across a spooky old castle. Perhaps he’ll go in and ask for directions.

Dim arrives at a castle

Very odd. Looks like some sort of laboratory with something on a table – and then a mad scientist appears and peeks under the cloth…

CRACK! Gosh, a thunderbolt! And something twitched under that cloth – a monster! The scientist looks very pleased with his work.

That’s odd, they’re dancing, Oh! It’s the Monster Mash!

The scientist and monster dance

And what’s this in the corner. The brass plate says… surely not… Dracula!

And now Dracula has joined the dance. In fact here are the Phantom and the zombies too. It’s a real Monster Mash indeed! But hang on, one of the zombies is coming over to Dim…. What’s going on?

Matilda as a zombie approaches Dim

Matilda nudged Dim again. “Wake up!” she said, “The soup’s nearly ready!” Oh! Dim nodded off listening to the radio. It must all have been a dream!

Although in that case… where did the golden fiddle come from?

Dim looks at the golden fiddle leaning against the radio

Well, we’ve had a fine Halloween party. The soup was very tasty, and Ofelia had even ironed Dim’s ghost costume for him. It’s certainly a night he’ll remember!

Dim wears his costume, and has a bowl of soup.

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