Almost Advent!

Ernest sits in the tree, fitting a cup to the top of the trunk

We were just getting a few bits of décor up for Christmas, when Winston rushed in and said he’d got something amazing at a sale – a crystal tree! So I told him to bring it in.

Ernest and Esther hang a paper chain over the fireplace, as Winston talks to Ratvaark

Well! It’s all in bits! We’ll have to work together to assemble it all.

The vaarks look at a pile of clear plastic parts piled on the floor

So, we got to work, slotting all the pieces together. It got quite tall, and Ernest had to climb up it to put the last piece in place.

Well, it is pretty! And it’s got all these little cups to hold decorations. There are 25 of them, so we will bring a different thing each day until Christmas, and it will be our Advent Calendar!

All the vaarks admire their Advent tree

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