21st December: A sweet little house!

Fury cuts a shape out of the dough

Hypno and Fury have been making some gingerbread. Hypno did suggest that workshop dungarees weren’t quite the right outfit, but Fury said she wasn’t wearing a pinny for anybody.

Fury and Hypno roll out a ball of dough

Once the bits were cut out, Hypno made sure to watch the oven so they didn’t burn. Gingerbread is a very delicious Christmas snack, often cut into festive shapes, and decorated with icing. Sometimes, gingerbread is even made into a house, decorated with icing and sweets!

Now, it just needs assembling, and a bit of decoration. Well, that’s…. Yes, well, it’s definitely a house. Well done you two!

Matilda found a slightly prettier gingerbread house for our tree, and we ate the one Hypno and Fury baked! Delicious!

Matilda puts a little gingerbread house on the tree

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